Board of Directors

Jack Duncan, President

Arnie Muller, Vice President

Arnie Muller, Secretary

Linda Nally, Treasurer

Judy Leuck,  Member

Norma Wallpe, Member

Alice Thurston, Member

John Wright, Member


Amanda Tockert ~ Director

Hello Everyone!  I have really enjoyed meeting our wonderful patrons since I have started here.  I read mostly Sci-Fi-Fantasy and Mysteries. Mercedes Lackey is a favorite author.   I am also really enjoying the libraries Overdrive subscription for my commute.

Cindy Jackson   ~ Children’s Librarian

Sandi Johnson ~ Head of Circulation    

Hi, I’m Sandi and I LOVE to read Science Fiction. The more tech-geeky it is, the more I like it.  The Explorer by James Smythe and Across the Universe by Beth REvis are two of    my favs.  I also read alot of Dystopian novels.  A couple of series that I like are Red rising by Pierce Brown and Wool by Hugh Howey.  Additionally, I enjoy reading biographies                                      from time to time.

Unfortunately, you won’t see many of my picks at our library because I mostly read from our online E-book database, Overdrive. (Which I highly recommend) Some other favorite authors are: Margaret Atwood, Andy Weir, Ruby Dixon, and Jaymin Eve

Jenna Gobel ~ Part-time Library Aide

Tiffany Jessie ~ Page

 Thomas Johnson, Jr. ~ Facilities Manager