Have you ever wanted to read a book, but can’t remember the author’s name? Have you ever found it difficult to keep up with all of your favorite author’s series? Then Fantastic Fiction might just be the website for you.

Fantastic Fiction is an online catalog of authors and books for those of us who love to read fiction.

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A to Z World Food is the world’s largest database of global food culture and recipes. With thousands of international recipes, hundreds of fascinating culture and ingredient articles, and essential culinary resources, AtoZ World Food brings international cuisines to you, from Albanian byrek to Zimbabwean matemba!

All you need to log-in is your library card number.


INSPIRE is Indiana’s Virtual Library. It is a collection of academic databases and other information resources that can be accessed by Indiana residents using any computer equipped with an Internet Protocol (IP) address located in Indiana and a Web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. INSPIRE offers access to thousands of magazines, professional journals, and study aids (including GED, ASVAB, and many more!)

INSPIRE Virtual Library

In case of inclement wheather some stations you can turn to:

 WKHY FM 93.5/WXXB FM 102.9/WKOA FM 105.3/WASK AM 1450/WASKFM 98.7 Lafayette
 WGFA FM 94.1/AM 1360 Watseka
 WMRS FM 107.7 Monticello
 WIBN FM 98.1
 WLFI Channel 18 Lafayette
 WTHR Channel 13 Indianapolis
 WRTV Channel 6 Indianapolis
 WXIN Channel 59 Indianapolis
 WISH Channel 8 Indianapolis